Sunday, February 6, 2011

[VIDEO] Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships 2011 Part 2

After much teasing through photos, videos, and fancams over the past few weeks, MBC has finally aired Part 2 of their “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships”.

Having gotten a good reception from viewers when it was organized and shown during Chuseok last year, MBC has brought the championships back for the Lunar New Year, with 140 idol members competing for glory in events like running, hurdles, swimming, and more!

Female 50m Sprint – Prelims 1

Female 50m Sprint – Prelims 2

Female 50m Sprint – Prelims 3

Female 50m Sprint – Prelims 4

Female 50m Sprint – Prelims 5

Female 50m Sprint – Semis 1

Female 50m Sprint – Semis 2

Female 50m Sprint – Final

Men’s High Jump – 1

Men’s High Jump – 2

Men’s High Jump – 3

Men’s High Jump – 4

Female 50m Freestyle Swimming – Prelims 1

Female 50m Freestyle Swimming – Prelims 2

Female 50m Freestyle Swimming – Final

Men’s 50m Hurdles

Men’s 50m Sprint – Final

Closing Ceremony / Awards

Were the winners as you expected?

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