Saturday, January 15, 2011

[ENG SUB] Jokwon and Gain, Adam Couple's Last Episode at We got Married (WGM)

The last Episode of Jokwon and Kain at We God Married. They should have made The last mission Fail on Live Radio Show (Sindong-super junior, Parkyuri-Kara 's SimSimTapa). Then It would be not End of Adam Couple T.T
We Got Married in this week is really sad and touching.
Thanks to Adam Couple! We all remember forever.

It's ok reupload or link our videos we made but... at least make link to our blog and Credit Please :D

Dear Adam Couple,

I still remember that one night when I was bored out of my mind, and stumbled upon an Adam Couple episode on Youtube. WGM was a semi-entertaining show, so I thought it would be a good idea to watch it.
In the next year and three months, I fell in love. You guys were the real deal. The container box, sauna room, the horrible weather, Hong Kong and the back hug, bungee jumping, Bali and the kiss, Jejudo, the ice skating rink, and the laughter, tears, and joy. There wasn't one second where I doubted you guys. I just want to say, I'll miss you guys so much. WGM will never be the same without you two.
Thank you Adam Couple for teaching me how to love. Thank you Adam Couple for bringing me hope and pulling me out of depression.
I, am forever and always, on your side.

Your fan.

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